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Muslim Instagram: Eternal Youthfulness and Cultivating Deen

Special Issue „Digital Youth and Religion“ in Religions 2022, 13(7), 658

This article argues that Muslims have created a specific Muslim Instagram that sustains youthfulness and cultivates their deen (religion). I have analyed over 500 images with the hashtags #muslim and #islam … By playing with notions of youthfulness, Muslims recontextualise their faith and practice online to cultivate their deen. They thereby …

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Encountering Hidden Transcripts: Behind the Antagonism of the India-Pakistan Narrative

This article reflects on the imaginary of Pakistan within contemporary Indian society. It is based factually on a personal experience of events and encounters during my study visit at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in
New Delhi 2018.

Südasien-Chronik/South Asia Chronicle 2022 (12)

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Keep It Halal! A Smartphone Ethnography of Muslim Dating

How is the Muslim religious identity impacted by Muslim dating apps? The development of Muslim dating apps within the last decade has led to Muslims seeking partners beyond their physical and social locality. The following research takes inner-Muslim discursive traditions into account in order to examine how Muslim males …

Award winning article for the DAAD–Prize 2021.

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